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PC Upgrade for gaming


I'm Harshana

I have a high-end gaming PC. I did this build in 2016 at Redline Technologies. Now I want to upgrade. Mainly I do gaming with my PC.

Kindly go though below mentioned my PC specifications and advise me what parts should I upgrade. I have already put the message in your FB page.

Waiting for your soonest reply in this regards.

PC Specifications

CPU: Intel Core i7 - 6700K 4.00 GHz

CPU Cooler: Raidmax Cobra 120 Hydro Cooler


Motherboard: MSI Z170a Gaming M7

Memory: Team Dark 8GB (2x4GB) 3000MHz DDR4

SSD: Samsung 850 Pro 256GB

Optical Drive: ASUS DRW 24 D3ST

Power Supply Unit: FSP Hydro G 750W

Case: Corsair 400R



Resolution: 1920x1080, 27' inches




Nice system, it's still pretty capable computer for 2019 gaming but since you are upgrading here are few suggestion.

1. RAM, it's the most outdated component of your system. If you can find the specific Team Dark 3000mhz ram then buy another two 4gb sticks and populate all your ram slots. If not sell those ram and buy a new 2 x 8gb ram kit. Don't go beyond 16gb.

2. Since you already have a Z-series motherboard and unlocked cpu, try overclocking your cpu. i7 6700K can reach stable 4.8ghz on 240mm radiator but since you only have a 120mm radiator try for something like 4.5ghz. It's free performance(there will be a increase in electric power consumption). Please follow a proper overclocking guide.

3. GTX 980 is now starting show it's age, it's performance is slightly better than a modern gtx 1660. So if you at least get a RTX 2060 it's a upgrade to your system. You can go for a RTX 2060 super and it would be a significant upgrade especially with double the amount of Vram at 8gb. But please overclock your cpu to avoid slight bottlenecks. I don't recommend anything beyond RTX 2070 super because you play at 1080p wich is more cpu dependant resolution.

4. The last thing missing from this system which can push more than 100fps in any game is a gaming monitor. There's no point of having all these performance without a proper monitor. Replace your standard 60hz monitor with a 1080p 120/144hz gaming monitor. Go for a free-sync monitor, even though free-sync is built by AMD newer Nvida cards and driver support them. But double check for nvida free-sync compatibility, some free-sync monitors doesn't work with nvida cards.

If you have alot of budget left go for a 1440p 144hz monitor, here you can get a increase in image quality and also smooth gameplay from the high refresh rate. But first you will need a RTX 2070 to run games at 1440p @ 120+ fps.